Bridging a gap for small businesses and non-profits to positively impact
employees' working environment and organizational success.
Small businesses and non-profit organizations may not need a full-time human resource development employee, yet need assistance with human resource systems to meet organizational objectives. Healthy employee systems allow owners, managers and leaders more freedom to focus on their business and organizational objectives verses being weighed down with employee interpersonal needs.

Gateway Consulting has the ability and skills to help with any organization's human resource needs that will positively impact the overall success and give a competitive advantage over other similar organizations. Gateway Consulting offers planning, designing, and execution of a variety of human resource services and programs that align with business strategies. We maintain a strategic, high-level perspective of an organization’s objectives and are able to “swoop” into areas that need more tactical assistance. We can quickly assess areas that need improvement and prioritize issues to be addressed. Gateway Consulting is capable of instituting change, asking tough questions and implementing new strategies.
  • ​​Human resource expert with over 10 years experience
  • Society of Human Resource Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
  • Human Resource Certification Institute Certified (PHR)
  • Human Capital Coach Certified
  • SHRM-Big Horn Chapter Board Member
  • Veterinary Management Institute (VMI) Certifications in Human Resources, Finance and Marketing
  • B.A in Human Relations and Organizations, University of Hawaii
  • Happily married 18 years, owner of three Jack Russell Terriers and a cat named Yukon.
  • Proud owner of an Indian Scout motorcycle & 1964 sea-mist green Chevy pickup called the "Grasshopper."

  • Balance ~ the art of human nature and organizational goals.
  • Inspire ~ Serving clients with a goal to surpass their expectations and objectives.
  • Grace ~ Exercising principles that honor the process of developing systems that impacts a positive, thoughtful and healthy working environment.
  • Prosper ~ give more freedom to business owners and leadership to focus on what they do best.
  • Transparent ~ Open and honest communication, always.